Planning systems and developing concepts

You benefit from our many years of knowledge of numerous sectors even at the stage when you are developing your system concept. Simulation systems and direct contact with our specialists help you to recognise problems early on and plan your project realistically and in great detail. We actively work on finding the best possible solution for your requirements during this phase.

Electrical planning and design

Intelligent electrical planning and design work in EPLAN Electric P8 form the foundation for complex systems. Connected solutions, failsafe controls and using different process bus systems are standard features – and the best possible, cost-effective solutions for the drive technology and signal acquisition in dispersed and extensive systems too. We also meet special requirements – e.g. for explosion-proof areas.

Building control cabinets in our own workshop

The control cabinets are built in our own workshop according to the previously developed plans – they form the hardware basis for our projects. To ensure that the units are up-to-date tomorrow too, we use the latest technologies and the extensive know-how of our specialist workers.

Programming PLCs

Our developers have an excellent knowledge of software development for PLCs from Siemens, Beckhoff and Allen Bradley. Other manufacturers are possible too; please get in touch with us. We use the constantly growing performance spectrum in the latest control systems for conveying processes, feedback control and positioning tasks, but primarily for extensive data and warehouse management and even mapping material flow algorithms. We take this into account by purposefully using structured text and graph in addition to ladder logic and function block diagrams. Program verification with our own simulation tools during the development phase increases the operational reliability and enables an efficient commissioning process.

Developing supervisory control and HMI systems

We plot processes in a comfortable and realistic manner with the help of common SCADA systems from Siemens or Wonderware and offer well-conceived, user-friendly operating concepts and data input opportunities. Using the powerful ProVisu fm system, we are able to introduce an alternative solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. Whether this involves trend diagrams, database links, scripts or mobile process communications – all this is feasible. The digitalisation and networking of production also make it possible to include web and mobile technologies or simulation to an even greater degree in HMI applications.

Industrial PC software and database applications

When connecting different automation levels, we develop extensive, individual PC applications with database links, PLC communications and front ends. Server-side database applications form the heart of warehouse management systems and logistics concepts. Material flow systems tailored to our customers are just one example of the extensive projects that we have completed during the last few years. We also develop special applications like simulation and verification tools to optimise our own project processes. We can support our customers by planning their transport strategies with suitable calculations and technical simulation – and we provide this by cooperating with experienced partners too.

Commissioning and training at customer on site

Our electrical technicians and engineers accompany you during the electrical assembly work when the system is being set up. The functional start-up process takes place with experienced commissioning technicians and software engineers. We monitor the start of production and train your personnel for daily production operations.

Maintenance and support

We are also interested in maintaining the value and functions of your system, even after we have successfully completed a project. We support you after the system is up and running – with planned maintenance or assistance if a fault develops. Suggestions for optimisation or enhancements often emerge during these operations.

From the requirement to the solution

We have many years’ experience in:

  • moving items with many types of conveying technology (roller conveyors, belt conveyors, corner transfer units, lifts, switches, stacking boxes, turning devices, transport cars, electric monorail vehicles)
  • transporting materials via conveyor belts, screws, silos, blow lines or rotary valves, shutters and valves
  • transport logistics with ID systems or data tracking,
  • storing goods at high-bay warehouses, including the controls stacker cranes
  • transporting heavy loads and large parts with cranes/manipulators
  • material flow control systems

We know all about numerous production stages in different sectors and can therefore look after the upcoming production stages or transport and warehouse processes in the best possible way.


Project organisation

Customer support, organisation and administration, purchasing, travel planning or accounting – these things are essential for the success of our projects alongside our specialist work. Experienced employees with the necessary expertise handle the specialist management of the individual projects and they can then make use of all their skills. We process projects in agile manner, if this is appropriate.